When I first started in real estate, I was pregnant with baby girl #3. I remember negotiating my first deal while in the hospital waiting on her arrival, and then 3 weeks later walking into that closing attorneys office feeling like I was hanging with people completely out of my league. Fast forward almost 4 years and I’ve realized that motherhood was never my biggest weakness, but always my biggest asset. 

We’re usually the ones working in the kitchen or spending many hours in the laundry room. We’ve developed expert opinions on the layout of homes, and how they will function in the day to day. 

When it comes to negotiating, we’re really good at that too. Have you ever tried to negotiate with a 3 year old? I’ve had dinner thrown on me because I prepared it on the wrong color plate! I’ve had to combat tears over the wrong color popsicle and I’ve broken up fights over the ONE perfect stick found in the backyard. I am not scared to demand unreasonable requests on your behalf. 

We put black beans in brownies and cauliflower in pizza and the kids still come back for seconds! Sometimes we have to be creative on the fly so we can still achieve what’s best for our kids. That my friends is successful marketing. 

Moving is an emotional roller coaster. You know what else is an emotional roller coaster? New babies. Toddlers. Kids growing up in general. Moms can navigate difficult situations better than anyone I know. You want a mom on your side. 

If you’ve thought about buying, selling or investing in real estate, there’s a good chance you should probably talk to a mom! 

I will show you how simple investing in real estate can be, when you work with the right team! I've got a great group of professionals behind me and if we have the pleasure of working together, you may meet them at some point too!